THE SETUP - Torchbearer

The Setup - Torchbearer

12 songs
33:07 minutes
***** **


Belgian hardcore band The Setup has been releasing longplayers in a steady two year rhythm, with Torchbearer being already their third album on GSR Records. After having replaced half their line-up, the quintet is rabidly fighting its way through the dozen tracks of their new effort. When they stop their onslaught after a good half hour, you will be left breathless at the intense ferocity of their performance.

The Setup are basically a new school hardcore band, but the fierce guitar riffs make sure they never sound too conformed. Add to this the hysteric vocals full of venom and hatred, and you something even more intense. Only the occasional gang shouts betray a certain fondness for American prolo hardcore la Biohazard and Sick Of It All, but this doesn’t really dilute the overall effect too much. The songs rarely cross the three minute border, only the first two and the last two tracks have slightly longer playing times. It’s hard to point out any highlights, apart from maybe Hostile Eyes with really good – and more melodic – backing vocals during the chorus. Otherwise it seems that The Setup are more concerned about building atmosphere and tension than in looking for catchy melodies.

Torchbearer is a really good album by a band that has accumulated experience over the years and after the release of three longplayers, two EPs and a split-single. Although they are not overly original, the sincerity and intensity of their music guarantees that their new record should keep every quality conscious hardcore fan’s attention.

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