SEVENTH ONE - Sacrifice

Seventh One - Sacrifice

10 songs
49:44 minutes


In the band's info sheet, you can read that Seventh One are the hottest newcomer from Sweden since the apparition of Hammerfall. I'm not a fan of either of these two bands, but at least I have to admit that Hammerfall gave the true metal movement a new kick. Seventh One release their debut five years later than Hammerfall did, but there's nothing exceptional about that band. Seventh One play tunes that we have already heard a thousand times before and even worse than their idols (I suppose Helloween or Gammy Ray). All songs, without any exception, suffer from a songwriting far less than average. It doesn't matter if they try to play faster (Sacrifice) or at mid-tempo (Hallowed Ground), Seventh One are never able to stand above a beginner's level. Furthermore the singer has a very flat voice, not suitable for metal. I can't say anything more than the fact that Seventh One is really nothing special.

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