SEVERANCE - Suffering In Humanity

Severance - Suffering In Humanity

12 songs
49:49 minutes
***** **


Texan death metal band Severance released their first demo already in 1990, in the early days of the death metal movement. What set them apart from most other extreme metal bands was the fact that they were comprised only of people with a Hispanic background. Suffering In Humanity is only their second full-length album so far, after a first one released five years earlier on Repulse Records.

Severance absolutely do not reinvent death metal, but considering their long history, Suffering In Humanity can claim the right to sound totally old school. Comparisons have been made to Cannibal Corpse, Monstrosity and Suffocation, so you know where you’re at: plodding, mid-tempo death metal songs full of aggression.

Severance also convince with long and thoughtful lyrics that seem to have more depth than what you are usually used from suchlike bands. Towards the end of the album, they cover Fatal Predictions from Pentagram, an obscure but cultish Chilean death metal band from the Eighties led by Anton Reisenegger who later on became much more successful with his new band Criminal.

Suffering In Humanity is not exactly a revelation, but a charming little death metal album nonetheless. Were it ten minutes shorter, it would have worked even better as there are sometimes lengths on the CD.

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