The Shaking Sensations - Start Stop Worrying

6 songs
46:15 minutes
***** *


After repeatedly listening to the second album Start Stop Worrying by Copenhagen based post rock quintet The Shaking Sensations, I still can’t align my impression with the raving information from the promo sheet. The band sees itself following in the footsteps of Godspeed You Black Emperor and Mogwai, but whereas these two bands pioneered the genre and made it what it is today, The Shaking Sensations don’t really manage to bring anything new to the genre. So they have two drummers, which is actually quite rare, but apart from some selected moments, you would never notice that fact while listening to their songs.

This doesn’t mean that all is bad on Start Stop Worrying, which is in itself a rather pleasant affair. It’s just that there is hardly anything unexpected happening. The six songs all run between five and eleven minutes, with the shorter pieces coming quicker to the point, while the more epic tracks dutifully built up tension like the post rock genre is seemingly begging their artists to do. You know the way it goes: the songs starts in those quiet melancholy ways, before the guitars start first adding layers of reverb before it all ends in a grandiose orgy of distortion and bravado.

The album has been recorded live, which in my opinion is a good thing and should be done by more artists today. This helps the band achieve a warmer and more organic and direct sound. But still fans of the post rock genre should know that although there is plenty of good music on this album, they might not find anything they haven’t experienced before. In the end The Shaking Sensations are just another competent band in a genre that makes innovation often a hard thing to do, even though its mission from the start was to break free from the old and weary patterns. But let’s not be overly harsh: there is certainly enough promise going on here, and this young band might still have a long and successful career ahead of itself.

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