SHAKRA - Everest

Shakra - Everest

12 songs
51:57 minutes


Shakra from the Swiss capital have been active since the early Nineties, although they only started releasing albums on a regular basis in 1998. Everest is already the seventh record by the hard rockers who have also already two live CDs in their discography.

They show a lot of respect for native big shots Krokus and Gotthard, playing timeless hard rock, mostly in an impeccable way. And that’s where their biggest problem lies. They have chosen a too simple path, shying away from any kind of risks. Apart from the concluding ballad Hopeless (what a fitting title!) and the cheesy Why (another well named track), every song is at least listenable, and some are even really good, like Anybody Out There which reminds me not only a little of Tesla. But overall the album offers too much monotony and could have come with a few minutes less. Even when there is nothing to blame on a technical level, this is hardly enough to keep one’s attention for more than three quarters of an hour.

Even though Shakra can compete with more established bands in songwriting and instrumentation, their new album lacks the certain something allowing them to attract bigger audiences. That’s why they rank far behind Silent Memorial, the best Swiss band I have heard in the last months.

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