SHARGATH - Bowel Sounds Of A Deaf Man

Shargath - Bowel Sounds Of A Deaf Man

9 songs
31:23 minutes
***** ****


Shargath from Bruxelles are a death metal band unlike any other you have ever heard. Managing to circumvent every cliché of the genre, they surprise with an artistic cover artwork and silly song titles; only band name and album title hint at the musical direction. Neither East Coast nor Scandinavian, the Belgians have their very own progressive approach to death metal, taking advantage from a powerful production and the best and densest guitar sound in ages. Although their songs are short and compact, Shargath add a lot of elements into their compositions, making every listening session a new journey of discovery. The vocals are oscillating somewhere between death and thrash metal, the guitarist must have listened more than once to VoiVod, trying and succeeding to emulate the Franco-Canadians sound, the rhythm section undermines everything with complex patterns.

Although Shargath don’t write catchy songs, their mix of European death metal, VoiVod, Fear Factory and Devin Townsend craziness is highly original and professionally produced, making the self-released Bowel Sounds Of A Deaf Man much better than the majority of label financed genre releases. And best of all: it is free. You can download the entire album on their homepage, even in the lossless WAV format. After this you have absolutely no excuse to check out this exceptional band!

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