SHEAVY - Republic?

Sheavy - Republic?

11 songs
50:59 minutes
***** **
Rise Above


I heard that Ozzy joined Black Sabbath for a reunion, but I didn't know they sounded that fresh. But wait a moment; this is not Black Sabbath I am listening to, but Sheavy from Canada. Founded twelve years ago in New Foundland, close to the Arctic Circle, we get the impression that this four-piece had spent the last twenty years locked in the eternal ice and therefore have such a retro approach towards music.

In their early days, Sheavy were heavily inspired by stoner rock, but today that can only be heard on the fat sludgy guitars that are about the only thing that allows making a difference to the godfathers of doom. Billy Anderson's powerful production also makes certain that Republic?, the band's fourth album on Rise Above Records, becomes an entertaining ride.

In the end we are left with 50 minutes of good music that never achieves to find a reasonable distance from its influences. Unlike Trouble who took the sound from Black Sabbath a step further, Sheavy seem to be happy just to add a more contemporary sound. I can imagine that there are a lot of people out there who will hate this album for its sheer and wanted lack of originality. And although Republic? never achieves the greatness of early Black Sabbath albums, it is still a very good album that doom and stoner fans alike should check out.

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