SHEEDUZ - The Barefoot Fairies

Sheeduz - The Barefoot Fairies

5 songs
15:15 minutes
***** ***


Sheeduz is a French female rock band with all three members called Audrey, a beautiful name indeed. They are playing guitars, drums and vocals, and the fine arrangements don’t even make you miss the bass guitar.

Their five track demo CD from 2004 now only arrived three years later in my mailbox. Although only a debut, you easily spot the talent of these girls. Their music is hard to describe, it’s a mixture of pop, rock and grunge that has the quality to appeal to a broad audience. Influences or at least similar sounding artists are P.J. Harvey, Juliette Lewis, Tanya Donelly, Plastic Ivy, Dresden Dolls, but Sheeduz (a pun for “she does”) are more interesting than just being a clone.

The songwriting is rather diverse. The songs are generally mellow but leave room for small outbursts of noise. Welcome To Mine is the album’s slowest track. With its piano parts and the soft voice, it can be compared to Tori Amos. Singer Audrey uses her clear voice in many ways going from absolutely melodic and tender to astonishing violence.

It’s a pity that the album is only running for a quarter of an hour. All five songs work, and I am looking forward to the next release by Sheeduz, possibly the new French revelation in the indie pop and rock genre.

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