SHENANIGANZ - Open Your Eyes Or Cover Your Head

Shenaniganz - Open Your Eyes Or Cover Your Head

14 songs
53:56 minutes
***** *


It’s hard to believe that Shenaniganz are a still rather young band from Germany. They won a school jam contest in 2005/06, and after a lot of live experience, they released their debut Four Fingers Fist Fight in 2007. A good year later, they are already back with their sophomore effort Open Your Eyes Or Cover Your Head.

The main influences of Shenaniganz are bands from the Seventies and Eighties. AC/DC, Tesla, Black Crowes, Krokus and Status Quo are the first names that come to mind. This should make it clear that you shouldn’t be excepting anything innovative or exceptional. Nonetheless I concede that the musicians are absolutely not showing any signs of shyness and prefer to rock straight ahead. Sometimes Southern rock elements find their way into their sound which then reminds a little of The Georgia Satellites. It’s beyond a doubt that all involved had a great time recording this album. Highlights of the record is consequently the insane Bavaria where hard rock meets tuba sounds. The hidden bonus track features that instrument again.

Despite all the positive touches, there are also quite a few shadow moments on Open Your Eyes Or Cover Your Head. Some riffs feel like shamelessly stolen, like when I thought recognising the two classics I’m A Believer and On The Road Again, two tracks that are definitely not listed as being covered. Also the band is not yet mature enough to make it over their fifty minute running time without losing occasionally steam. Some of the tracks would have been more efficient if they had been a little shorter.

Nonetheless Shenaniganz deserve to be signed on a label with their second CD. They don’t care about current trends and just play whatever they want without bothering what anybody may think. And you can’t accuse the band of not being catchy enough, because the second time around, I recognised already a couple of tracks.

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