SHINING FURY - Another Life

Shining Fury - Another Life

10 songs
52:06 minutes
***** *
Metal Blade


Two years after a lacklustre debut, drummer Ross Lukather (formerly of Death SS, Labyrinth and Athena) is back with a second Shining Fury album. Only vocalist Francesco Neretti (also formerly of Athena) is left, with three new people on the guitars and bass. Not that much must have changed though, because Shining Fury still play melodic power metal, although their brand is definitely played faster than most of the competition. This is certainly due to Mr Lukather's love for his killer double bass drums runs that even make old Slayer sometimes look like a geriatric unit.

Facing the surprising speed of the songs is the overly melodic vocal delivery that is technically flawless but neither sets any accents nor will appeal to anyone outside the melodic power metal sphere of influence.

As much as I like the straight-forward speed approach, Shining Fury shine most brightly in the long and more diverse The Haunting. Fortunately we are spared with sugar dripping metal ballads, and the album concluding Deep Purple cover song Highway Star is another highlight, although also showing that Shining Fury's songwriting abilities lack the genius of their forefathers.

Another Life is by no means a bad album, but you will look in vain for more than one or two superlative tracks. There are no real weak moments, but again the band feels most comfortably when they just pull it on full speed ahead without paying attention to compositional details. Power metal fans that are not scared away by high pitched vocals can still give it a try.

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