SICK CITY - Nightlife

Sick City - Nightlife

13 songs
39:54 minutes
***** **


Sick City is a Canadian indie emo pop punk whatever rock band formed in 2005. After their self-released CD Where Do We Go From Here in 2006, Nightlife is the label debut for this rather interesting act. This was probably made possible as the band had two successful tours opening for Boys Night Out, Papa Roach and It Dies Today. These references reveal already what to expect. The album was produced by the same team that was already working for Jimmy Eat World, but Sick City’s album has more balls than the last, rather disappointing Jimmy Eat World release. By the way, Sick City drummer Joel Neufeld is the brother of Andrew Neufeld, front man of Comeback Kid.

Sick City are playing a rather classic yet thrilling mixture of indie rock and emo punk. Their songs have a strong pop appeal but the band leaves enough room to show they have balls. The songwriting is contemporary and free from metal influences. Sick City are not trying to coalesce too many different styles, but rather write straighter songs that are easy to follow.

It’s a pity that there’s not enough variation on the record. Although there are no failures to be found, there isn’t either a single track which manages to stand out. The only tracks that differ slightly from the remaining material are the quieter, piano supported title track and the rawer and faster Money Like To Party, the album’s last track.

This album is aimed at teenage US pop punk kids. Older people familiar with punk and indie might also like Nightlife, but I doubt that it is mature enough to become any adult’s favourite record.

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