Sick Of Society - Life Lines

18 songs
26:03 minutes
***** **


Some bands are just not ambitious, and therefore can release their music whenever they feel like doing so, without regard to current trends and fashions. Bavarian three-piece Sick Of Society have been around since the early Nineties, and I first heard them probably about seven years ago. The funny thing is that their earlier stuff was rather amateurish, but gradually they are improving, probably because there is just no pressure left to achieve something.

That being said, their new (and already fifth) CD is their best so far, even if not that much has changed, but the devil lies in the detail. The production is clearer, the band seems to play much tighter, and the generally short songs (with only one track longer than two minutes) are never monotonous. The albums starts, after a weird intro, with a couple of hard punk metal songs, that suffer maybe from terrible English, but take advantage of Max Cavalera's charismatic backing vocals on !None Punk!. Throw It All Away and It's Me are uncharacteristically melodic songs for Sick Of Society, heading more into deranged melodic punk, although never sounding like commercial kiddie crap.

There is a nice balance between shout-along hardcore without tough guy intentions and melodic punk rock, always with the metal background in the foreground (not a surprise, as SOS drummer Oliver is a frequent contributor to the website). And once you have listened to the short half hour of music, you can still browse the multimedia part of the CD that is not only well done, but comes with the MP3s of the album (so you don't have to rip them yourself), plus a couple of live videos and a video clip, and much more of course (lyrics, alternative cover designs, biography, discography). Finally we are only stranded with the following question: ten years ago SOS played at a talent show and won over bands like Die Happy and Chroming Rose? What happened to universal justice that those losing bands have achieved more fame? But therefore SOS are much more fun to listen to. And their CD is also much cheaper and can be purchased for 3 Euros (plus postage) at their homepage.

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