SIKFUK - Teabagged At Birth

Sikfuk - Teabagged At Birth

7 songs
27:16 minutes
***** **


What should you think of a band called Sikfuk that writes songs like Deadhooker Double Penetration or Snowballed by Grandma? The last track shows a clear influence by the universe of Kevin Smith who explained the verb snowball in his first movie Clerks. Sikfuk, a two-piece from Minnescrotum, are something like the Jay and Silent Bob of grindcore. They have the same demented looks on their faces, and a sick sense of humour to go along. Teabagged At Birth thus is more than just a collection of noise, but rather highly technical gore grind with vocals that have no lyrics, chopping guitars that use many different techniques and a drummer who sounds as if he has snorted just one line of speed to many.

Every song begins with a sample (the title track even with Jay And Silent Bob), before an onslaught of guitar and drums (and a bass guitar, but only in the studio) make for some of the craziest grindcore I have heard in a long time. Teabagged At Birth is tongue-in-cheek provocation that smart people can smile at, but dumb people will certainly feel offended. Recorded in only four days, and mostly in one take, this is a short half hour of entertaining and demanding extreme noise that fans of the genre absolutely should check out, even if it is nothing you want to listen to all the time.

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