SILENT FORCE - Walk The Earth

Silent Force - Walk The Earth

12 songs
60:21 minutes


Nearly six years ago, I wrote a review about D.C. Cooper’s moustache that he had during the recordings of the second Silent Force album. Good news first: the moustache is gone. Bad news: Silent Force play melodic power metal of the most generic kind. D.C. Cooper used to be the singer of Royal Hunt, and guitarist Alexander Beyrodt gained his experience with German melodic metal band Sinner, so you have all the routine you need to make a technically flawless album, but the overall result is nothing earthshaking. The band makes no secret of its love for Seventies hardrock la Rainbow and Deep Purple, and they are even smart enough to envelop their music into a contemporary metal production, but apart from fans of the band (I guess they must have some as Walk The Earth is already their fourth album), I don’t know how they want to win over a bigger audience, as there are no revelatory moments at all on the CD.

Technical abilities and a glossy production are not enough to draw Walk The Earth out of mediocrity. Silent Force have it nearly all: fast double-bass rhythms, virtuoso guitar solos, keyboard that provide a decent carpet, and a talented singer. But the lack of originality and the unsurprising songwriting make this just another ok melodic power metal release that doesn’t do any harm but also never incited me to listen again after having written this review.

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