SILVERSTEIN - Discovering The Waterfront

Silverstein - Discovering The Waterfront

11 songs
39:09 minutes
***** ****


Two years ago, Canadian emo punk rockers Silverstein surprised with their exceptional debut When Broken Is Easily Fixed, bringing fresh wind into a genre that was already brimming over with copycats back then. About 200.000 sold copies, probably most of them in the Northern American continents, showed again the difference between them and us. In Europe, if you want to sell your guitar music, you either play harmless pop punk (Green Day, Offspring) or adhere to the new wave of rock'n'roll, but emo still hasn't become the big thing here.

With their new album Discovering The Waterfront, Silverstein may well change that. Being the logical successor to their debut, it offers eleven songs in just less than forty minutes, preventing boredom from the beginning. Not that every song is an instant classic, but the opener Your Sword vs My Dagger and the following video edit Smile In Your Sleep are vintage Silverstein, combining fast paced melodic hardcore with Shane Todd's excellent vocals, ranging from the harmonic to the more wicked screamo parts. The Ides Of March, also with rocking moments, is a sadder, more subdued songs that should move even the most seasoned skate kid to tears. I guess that's what you call an emo ballad! The title track surprises with sweet violins, My Heroine is one of the few punk songs with mellotron, and the aggressive Always And Never is flirting again with such cute melodies that it's impossible to imagine these Canadians truly angry at any time.

Even if you are bored by 90% of the current emo bands, Silverstein may still be something for you. Instead of concentrating themselves only on the form, they also add solid content, coming up with unforgettable melodies and true emotions. Just as great as their debut.

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