SIN7SINS - Carnival Of No Tomorrow

Sin7Sins - Carnival Of No Tomorrow

11 songs
45:41 minutes
***** **


Sin7Sins have been founded in Utrecht (Netherlands) in 2006. Despite having released already two albums, they are still looking for a record label. They are playing a mix of gothic and pop metal which isn’t overly demanding but still so carefree that you will have easy access to their music, although not that much will truly stick.

Their debut Perversion Ltd didn’t fare too well with music critics, but things look brighter on Carnival Of No Tomorrow, although there is still a lot that begs to be achieved in the future. The quintet’s focal point is vocalist Lotus who has a very strong and loud voice. This is also one of the band’s strengths, as this lady delivers in my opinion a better job than for instance Tarja or her compatriot Simone Simons (Epica). Occasionally some male growls join in, but fortunately not too often, so that the band doesn’t suffer overly much from the Beauty and the Beast cliché. The pop appeal in songs like Sick Of You and Pain Induced Craze works rather well, and the electronic elements in Pornstar Love and As Romance Dies also add quite a lot of atmosphere. Less convincing are the moments when the band tries to sound mellower or darker. The dreamy Cyanide Symphony just doesn’t find any momentum, and the ballad Shadows & Dust is eventually too quiet for my taste.

The bottom line is that two thirds of the songs on Carnival Of No Tomorrow are truly good. The remaining third contains the song that have less steam, which doesn’t really work too well. Whenever they up the tempo and dare to sound more playful, with for instance their electronic elements, they are quite the deliverers of perfect club hits. Right now Sin7Sins are a really good band, but more should be expected from them in the future.

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