SINCE THE FLOOD - No Compromise

Since The Flood - No Compromise

12 songs
31:48 minutes
***** *
Metal Blade


Since The Flood are from Massachusetts which has a big metal and hardcore scene with bands like Unearth, Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall. Since The Flood's debut CD Valor And Vengeance was not surprisingly at all a rather rough hardcore album with a strong metallic touch. The album wasn't bad, but also not really exceptional.

I don't know if it was a success, but Since The Flood decided not to take changes for the next album No Compromise. At least, there are some songs that convinced me, especially the chaotic Everything To Lose, the calmer, but threatening Laid To Rest and the desperate sounding At The End. Apart from that, you find a lot of fast and brutal hardcore and metal fusion free from emo parts that can be compared to bands like Hatebreed, Integrity, Madball, If Hope Dies,... These brutal songs aren't too bad, but first of all, I have already heard lots of similar music before and secondly the lack of variation doesn't help to make the album more exciting. At least, the album doesn't run for too long which helps a bit because of its lack of diversity.

Unfortunately Since The Flood have done no real progress since their last album, and that's why this record gets a slight worse rating than the debut which didn't get a too severe review. If Since The Flood are making the same error on the third album, they seriously risk vanishing from the hardcore and metal core scene.

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