Le Singe Blanc - 5 Song EP

5 songs
19:06 minutes
***** ***


The French rock scene has never been too prolific in the past, but when they came up with good bands, they were not only of high quality, but also most of the time très original. Le Singe Blanc from Metz could be described as a noise rock band, but that wouldn't do them too much justice. Their music is crossover in the purest sense, but where most people would use that expression as the combination of two or more accessible styles, there is no trace of mass compatibility here.

Le Singe Blanc create a very distinguished sound by omitting guitars and therefore using two bass guitars. Where this bass heavy sound may remind at times of bands like The Ex, NoMeansNo or Primus, you get the unusual vocals with weird songtitles (Broïd, Beurk DTT) that show vague parallels to the Zeuhl music of Magma. All this name dropping hints already that this is no easy listening music, but it's also not entirely experimental. The complex rhythms get your feet to dance, and you don't even know why.

If you have the chance to see this band live, do so, because they are really quite extraordinary. This CD-EP gives a nice foretaste of the white monkey's qualities, and can be purchased at a very reasonably low price. 8 points.

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