SINNER - One Bullet Left

Sinner - One Bullet Left

12 songs
50:33 minutes
***** *


Mat Sinner has been active in the German metal scene since 1982 and can therefore be considered one of the early pioneers of the genre. His band Sinner never made it to the top, but in 1997 he finally had a breakthrough with the more popular Primal Fear. Nevertheless Mat never let go of his first band, and even nowadays every two or three years he releases a new Sinner album. One Bullet Left is already the fifteenth record by Sinner which is actually a one man project where Mat Sinner has this time hired the services of musicians from Rage, Tarja, Primal Fear and The New Black.

I am old enough to remember some early Sinner albums like Comin’ Out Fighting (1986), Dangerous Charm (1987) and Back To The Bullet (1990), and honestly never considered myself a fan. Their music felt too mainstream in a time where I was more into speed and thrash metal. Now that I am more mature, I have to concede that Sinner always kept true to their line. Apart from the powerful production, one could easily believe that One Bullet Left might as well have been recorded a quarter century ago. Even the cover artwork has this typical retro look. The album starts with a gunshot, instantly followed by fast and melodic heavy metal that allows comparisons to Pretty Maids. The highlights on the album are Back On Trail and Mend To Be Broken where guitars and vocals alike remind me of Thin Lizzy and have a truly authentic atmosphere. There are unfortunately too many slow tracks (Hunted, Rolling Away,…) that I can’t really get into.

Nostalgic metalheads will certainly find a lot to like on the new Sinner album, because the German pioneers never disappoint. I would have preferred more faster songs in the vein of Atomic Playboys. Apart from that, One Bullet Left is a successful and cliché free journey back into the golden era of German heavy metal.

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