Sisko - 3

3 songs
11:10 minutes


Sisko won the Unerhört demo band contest from the German metal magazine Rock Hard in 2001, which proves beyond a doubt that they have somehow struck a nerve with a lot of people, but unfortunately not with me.

3, their 3rd EP so far, showcases 3 songs that could best be described as dark gothic metal. The first song, Whatever, is the most rocking one, and reminds a bit of latter day Metallica and Paradise Lost, the other pieces, Tell Me and Thinking Of You, are digging deeper into bestselling metal trends of the new millennium (Staind, Nickelback). This should already show why they won the contest.

Sisko are playing already at a professional level, the drums are programmed in an organically sounding way, the synths are also above level. The production is a bit demo-ish still. Apart from that, I am allergic to these modern metal sounds, and like melody and romance only in indie pop music. I guess - considering the prices people are ready to pay for modern metal bands - that Sisko may have a future, once they start recording whole albums instead of only EPs. I only give this time subjective 5 points, but suggest you visit their well crafted homepage and download some MP3s there to make your own opinion.

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