Situation Leclerq - Demo

7 songs
32:03 minutes
***** ****


Situation Leclerq rose from the ashes of an indie/emo band called Byron. As the musicians were not satisfied with their music anymore, they renamed the band to and enriched their music with post rock and electronic beats. The result can be heard on a first demo CD containing six well sounding studio recordings, one surprisingly well done rehearsal recording and one live video. The four-piece from Hannover (it seems that the German North is rising again, considering bands like Levelomania and Endearment) convince me not only live when I saw them playing in the Frühauf in Leipzig, but they are just as cool on CD. The opener Niech Zyje Anarchia (Polish title, English vocals) is a wonderful indie/emo song with smart electro beats in the background. The next song Hey Lawyer starts as a pure post rock song, but becomes noisier with guitars making you think of Sonic Youth. My favourite track is Shoulder, a song with a groovy relax start which also contains some bombastic breaks and a very catchy melody. What distinguishes Situation Leclerq from many other indie bands is that their music contains danceable parts and synthetic drums. Especially Shake Your Heartbeat and Passion invite to dance and have the potential to become club hits. Furthermore, Situation Leclerq have one of the few singers who mostly is able to hide his German accent. This is surely an upcoming highlight in the German rock scene.

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