SIX FEET UNDER - Bringer Of Blood

Six Feet Under - Bringer Of Blood

11 songs
38:26 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


Until now, I always considered Six Feet Under as the band of the ex-Cannibal Corpse vocalist Chris Barnes. I liked their releases, but they never got me too excited. Bringer Of Blood, their fifth studio release, finally got that changed. Is it because SFU played at the Warped tour in 2000, but I really get the impression that they have added a lot of punk snottiness to their death metal sound? Where many of their contemporaries become more and more technical with each album, SFU have reached a new kind of primitivism that in itself may be considered as an art form. The two outstanding highlights on their new album are the groovy Amerika The Brutal and the fast Murdered In The Basement, where they show that a great death metal song can be delivered in two minutes only.

The lyrics are still mostly what you would expect from the mind of Chris Barnes, although I really think it's cool to hear a dared political statement in Amerika The Brutal in a time where many other American bands (for instance Iced Earth) rediscover their blind patriotism.

Even though Bringer Of Blood is something downright primitive, it is also very effective in achieving its goals. A very energetic and refreshing experience that is recommended listening for every fan of old school death metal.

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