SIX FEET UNDER - Death Rituals

Six Feet Under - Death Rituals

13 songs
49:15 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


It’s been thirteen years since American death metal band around Chris Barnes started. Now they are back with their already tenth studio album Death Rituals. Six Feet Under have never disappointed in the past, but they started the habit of rehashing their own recipes, lacking to add new impulses to their sound. Death Rituals is no exception to the rule, but still manages to please.

The opener Death By Machete shows instantly what to expect. It wouldn’t be amiss to call their style grunt’n’groove. The vocals are like always extremely crude, treating the most disgusting topics, and the music underlines all of this cunningly. The songs are played at quite a fast pace, the guitar work is ingenious, allowing the music to carry away the audience. If you care to listen closer, you will be surprised at the high technical level of the band. Although most of the time Six Feet Under play fast death metal with thrash elements, they can also do differently. Seed Of Filth is an extremely dark track that brings shiver to your spine. Bastard, a Mötley Crüe cover version, shows the band’s sense of humour, although this could have been highlighted even better if they had chosen a better known track by the poser kings. Shot In The Head starts with a blasphemous answering machine message, delivered by Iggy Pop himself. Ten Deadly Plagues, a mid-tempo smasher, is even one of the band’s best tracks ever.

As in the past, Six Feet Under did a good job, recording an album that should appeal to every friend of extreme metal. There are no weak points on Death Rituals, but will also look in vain for new inputs. Fans of the band will like always get this album, and those unfamiliar with their repertoire might start here as well as anywhere else in their vast catalogue.

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