SKINCRACK - Skincrack

Skincrack - Skincrack

3 songs
18:10 minutes
***** **


The rise in music related infrastructures, mostly professional rehearsal rooms and recording studios, has seen a hitherto unseen quality surge in Luxembourgish rock music. Bands like Eternal Tango, Versus You, Mutiny On The Bounty, Metro, Inborn and many more don’t have to hide behind international bands anymore. But then there are still bands that refuse to adhere to this hi-fi craze and still rely on the good old-time DIY attitude.

Skincrack are just such a band, with core members Steve and Mars having gathered already quite a lot of experience and reputation in bands like Orange Squad (the former) and Clean State, d-fact and Man Made Suicide (the latter). Both are in their high thirties and probably have no world conquering ambitions anymore. The initial question is of course: how can Steve’s stoner rock past fit in with Mars’ thrash metal history? The result could sound quite messy, if awkwardly elaborated, but the opener Change of their eponymous EP instantly proves all doubters wrong. This seven minute mammoth track is a huge slab of heavy rock that perfectly combines the hoarse vocals of Steve with the angry screaming of Mars. Starting in a crawling lava mood, the song gains momentum and stands strong as a varied piece of definitely not unmelodic heavy rock far off the commercial radio airplay compatible fodder. The following Dive, not even five minutes long, is the shortest track featured, and continues in a similar fashion, although reduced to a more compact length. The final Song#3 could win a prize for least original song title ever and is a slower paced six and a half minute rocker that only has Steve on vocals. The lack of dual vocals somehow robs Skincrack of what made them so special on the preceding tracks and is consequently closer to the stoner rock sound of Orange Squad, even though Skincrack sound much harder.

This debut EP has been recorded in a lesser known studio but still comes with surprisingly good sound. The artwork is quite minimalist, just like the band’s homepage where we don’t learn much, except a little about the musicians’ pasts and that Skincrack play mumucore, whatever that is supposed to mean. Let’s hope that a longplayer will soon follow so that we can hear if this likeable quartet can convince just as much as on this EP which definitely makes appetite for more.

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