Skullboogey - III

11 songs
47:08 minutes
Finest Noise


Already active since 1998, Skullboogey from Germany can’t make up their minds if they want to play alternative rock, hard rock or even metal. Their four Hessians’ third album is logically titled III, and it takes really a lot of effort and patience to listen to it from beginning to end.

Actually it doesn’t even start so badly. The opener Fast Way’s Down is moderate alternative rock that sounds absolutely professional. Unfortunately this is also already the CD’s highlight which afterwards continues on its bumpy path through the history of rock. At times they play harder and slip into the stoner rock genre, but the forced rough vocals feel unconvincing. A little grunge and some King’s X influences are also present, but never on a really high level. Skullboogey are at their worst when they switch down to quiet territories. The nearly six minute long Killing Time doesn’t do justice to its title as it feels as if this ballad is seemingly never finding its end. Feels Like Dying already has a more fitting title, emulating the triteness sometimes found in lesser German hard rock bands like for instance Axxis. The slightly gloomy Breathe could be an outtake of Danzig on a really bad day.

Skullboogey unfortunately never seem essential. Their new record has two major drawbacks. First of all their songwriting skills are not very developed, and secondly, despite or because of their varied approach, they lack coherence. I really don’t know if there is a target audience that will truly enjoy III.

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