SKULLVIEW - Metalkill The World

Skullview - Metalkill The World

8 songs
50:38 minutes
***** ***
Pure Steel


In the mid-Nineties, right after Nirvana made it really big, most bands tried to get a piece of the grunge cake. Starting a heavy metal band in that climate was probably not the best way to become popular, especially if you happened to come from a small town in Northern Indiana, a rather obscure state probably best known for Kurt Vonnegut, and even he came from the state’s capital Indianapolis.

Skullview didn’t care about prevailing trends and just did their thing, releasing three albums on Chicago based label R.I.P. Records between 1998 and 2001, before going on a longer hiatus. Now, nine years later, the quintet is back with its fourth album Metalkill The World, courtesy of the German label Pure Steel Records.

Although I am not familiar with Skullview’s previous releases, I doubt that much has changed. Their metal is free from all trends and sounds like coming from the glory days back in the Eighties. The guitars unleash barricades of searing riffs, the rhythm section is laying down a muscular backbone, and the vocalist has one of these testosterone fuelled voices that reminds of bands like Iced Earth and Omen. The songs are basically long, averaging six minutes, allowing the band to switch between hard hitting up-tempo parts and intense mid-tempo parts. The band’s faster side is best demonstrated on Defiance, Desperation, Defeat, with four minutes the shortest track on the album, while their slower material shows that they have also learned some lessons from doom metal bands like Trouble and Pentagram.

Metalkill The World is definitely not an innovative album, but it is of course obvious that this was not the point the guys tried to make. If you like powerful US metal the way it was popular, at least in some underground circles, in the Eighties and furthermore value authenticity more than originality, then you will have a perfect time with Skullview.

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