SKYFIRE - Esoteric

Skyfire - Esoteric

11 songs
56:00 minutes
***** ****


Swedish band Skyfire were founded already back in 1995 and were quite busy in the early days of their career. Three longplayers and three EPs came out before they went on hiatus in 2004. Now they are back with their fourth CD titled misleadingly Esoteric, because the band is quite vehemently combining symphonic black metal, melodic death metal and progressive metal in an incredible way.

The orchestral intro is followed by the title track which offers fast black metal with alternating brutal and melodic parts. On the following Rise And Decay we get a first glimpse at Skyfire’s more playful side that make you discover new details every time you listen to that song. The quiet moments work also in favour of the band, allowing the dramatic Darkness Descending with strong piano parts and the dreamy The Legacy Of The Defeated to be counted among the record’s highlights. Jazz and progressive influences can be found on the bizarre Seclusion and Misery’s Supremacy, while Under A Pitch Black Sky might appeal to gothic fans. The stylistic changes often happen unexpectedly, but open-minded metal fans should be delighted by this unusual approach to songwriting which is furthermore refined by the musicians’ technical versatility and the flawless production.

Skyfire are evidently artists without blinders who work very hard on establishing an original concept. Despite its long playing time, Esoteric entertains perfectly from the first to the last note, and should be considered already a milestone of extreme metal.

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