SLAGS - Run Free

Slags - Run Free

11 songs
42:33 minutes
***** **
Slag / Alive


The German term “Schlampenrock” (slag rock) has been coined by The Slags, an all-female alternative rock band from Frankfurt, nearly two decades ago. In 1996, after releasing a handful of CDs, the band decided to split as rock music became less and less popular. The four band members were active in other music projects, created families or spent their time in different therapies if you can believe the info sheet.

On New Year’s Eve 2005, the decision for a reunion was taken. Run Free is the result. Drummer Suse Michel is also the singer in Nova Drive, a band reviewed on this homepage a few months ago. While Nova Drive is putting more weight on improvisation, the Slags prefer straighter rock tunes, kept at an absolute lo-fi level. The first three tracks from the album show The Slags from a faster and harder side, but then the album takes a calmer turn. I especially like Bells with its sad but also angry and even desperate moments. There are two further slower tracks which aren’t bad either before you come to another highlight: Man In The Office is the album’s most psychedelic track. The background noises reminded me of Monster Magnet. Point Of No Return surprises with a viola played parallel to a longer guitar solo. Towards the end, the album becomes again more aggressive and punk orientated.

If you like rock with spacy and distorted guitars and raw female vocals, The Slags’ new album will be up to your taste. I like that kind of music and didn’t find a single blackout on the record, but it’s a bit pity that the music becomes quickly too repetitive. More diversity would have made met give them a higher rating.

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