THE SLEEPING - Questions And Answers

The Sleeping - Questions And Answers

12 songs
53:15 minutes
***** ****


The Sleeping were formed in 2003 in Long Island NY, a town which has an excellent emo and hardcore scene (Taking Back Sunday, Straylight Run, Brand New). In 2004, The Sleeping released a little noticed debut called Believe What We Tell You before signing to Victory Records. The result of this new deal is their second album Questions And Answers which luckily hasn't become a typical Victory emo album.

The Sleeping surely haven't reinvented music, but they don't care too much about traditional standards. Describing their music is quite a difficult task as different styles like hardcore, emo, screamo, pop, prog rock and jazz are combined in various ways so that the result surely is innovative. There are a number of angrier songs like Better Than Anything Else, Dearest Mistake and The Climb, but there are also melodic and less radical songs like Heart Beatz, The Big Breakdown-Day 3 and Listen Close. If you have to look for comparisons, the only two bands I can think of are At The Drive In and The Mars Volta, as those two bands create(d) similar atmospheric songs.

The Sleeping have been searching a long time to find the right singer and it was Douglas Robinson who was chosen out of a group of over twenty candidates. He has an enormously charismatic voice that sets him often into the foreground, a situation he seems to like. He only faded into the background on the last track Still which sounds like an Ozric Tentacles experiment.

As you never know exactly what to expect, listening to Questions And Answers is an entertaining and never boring experience. The Sleeping has already achieved quite a lot when you consider for what a short time they have been together. They certainly deserve a bright future.

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