SLOUGH FEG - Hardworlder

Slough Feg - Hardworlder

13 songs
43:02 minutes
***** ****
Cruz Del Sur


Slough Feg are unique in the world of heavy metal. They manage to sound traditional and innovative at the same time. On their sixth full-length album, the American veteran rockers defy again all conventions and present thirteen tracks in not even a three quarter of an hour. Basically the foundation of their music is US metal as it was popular twenty years ago, but the first real track, Tiger! Tiger!, after the instrumental The Return Of Dr. Universe, unpacks with guitar harmonies that remind very strongly of Thin Lizzy. Even though most of the band members have Italian names, this is not the only parallel to Ireland. The band name for instance comes from Irish mythology, and on Hardworlder, there’s also a cover version of the Irish folk song Dearg Doom from Horslips which was something like a mega-hit in the early Seventies. Another fine cover version is Street Jammer, originally from proto prog metal band Manilla Road.

The fun with Slough Feg is that they combine totally unconventionally elements from classic heavy metal, Irish folk music and hints at prog rock into their inimitable crossover. Instead of relying on fantasy themes, Slough Feg have been using since quite some time science fiction themes that remind of the Sixties when psychedelic colour schemes gave the genre such a vivid charm.

Like in the past already, Slough Feg have been concentrating on delivering an album with many concise tracks that invigorate a genre that has been tasting stale too many times recently. If you’re looking for the one traditional heavy metal band that will make your day, I strongly suggest you give Hardworlder a very good listen.

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