SNAPCASE - End Transmission

Snapcase - End Transmission

15 songs
45:49 minutes
***** *****


Since their foundation in 1991, Snapcase have established themselves as a legendary act in the hardcore genre. Having a look at their quite short discography - Lookinglasself (1993), Steps (1995), Progression Through Unlearning (1997), Designs For Automotion (2000) and End Transmission (2002), they have developed their style from album to album and so became one of the most influential hardcore acts worldwide. On their new output, Snapcase don't disappoint at all. This CD is the logical consequence of its predecessor. They really play a kind of progressive hardcore without trying to repeat themselves. Distorted guitars and intense provocative vocals always are a part of their contents, but the band is always sounding somehow different. Their song structures also tend to become more and more complex. Again the lyrics play an important part in their songs. The concept is about a futuristic society where people aren't able of free thinking anymore. Self-determination or personal challenge have always belonged to Snapcase's favourite themes. With their combination of intellectual theory and aggressive music, they are meanwhile the best hardcore band worldwide and have reached the same high level as Sweden's Refused used to have. Let's just hope that Snapcase don't share the same fate...

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