SNOWDOGS - Deep Cuts, Fast Remedies

Snowdogs - Deep Cuts, Fast Remedies

12 songs
44:28 minutes
***** ****


The second album by the Snowdogs surprises with a fast and very catchy opener called Average Kid. On the whole album, they show that they may be counted among Victory Records' most talented acts. The three-piece from Finland play very diverse and ultra catchy rock songs with the right feeling for excellent pop tunes and can be placed somewhere between Green Day and Soul Asylum. The single edit Drive is another very melodic but rocking song with real hit potential. Naming all great songs would break the limits of this review because there are only few weak moments on this CD. Freedom For Everyone surely has a good message, but John Lennon wrote more convincing freedom songs. A more interesting song is the cover version of Paul Simon's Boy In The Bubble. Although it's quite different from the original, it's still possible to recognise it. A very original choice! Hell Outta Dodge is nearly a Smashing Pumpkins clone, but nevertheless an incredibly intense song. To underline their love for variation, the Snowdogs offer a cool rock track with folk and singer/songwriter influences (Lotta Lost Time). What a luck that the two brothers in the band didn't listen to their grandfather who told them that being a rock musician is a shit job.

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