SOILENT GREEN - Confrontation

Soilent Green - Confrontation

15 songs
42:37 minutes
***** ***
Relapse / Suburban


Combining elements of grindcore, death metal, hardcore, doom and bluesy groove-oriented Southern rock, Louisiana quintet Soilent Green has grown into one of the most distinctive bands in the US metal underground scene. Due to several line-up changes (even one member passed away), there was a lap of four years between their last CD Devil Wears A Lamb's Skin and their fifth one Confrontation. All aforementioned elements are still present in Soilent Green's music, but my general impression is that they are sounding more brutal and weirder than before. The songs are very chaotic. First you hear fast thrash or grind parts, then they are interrupted by groovy southern rock or even sludge metal parts as played by the very early Black Sabbath. The performance by vocalist Ben Falgoust is top. The hatred in his voice creates nasty shouts that fit very well in the entire concept. The sound created by Soilent Green isn't easy to describe and you really should take your time listening to the songs again and again. Every time there are new parts to discover. Although Soilent Green can't exactly reach the level of top acts like Dillinger Escape Plan or Coalesce, they are nevertheless a very good and entertaining chaos metal band. The only point of criticism are the four short instrumentals on the record which really don't fit exactly.

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