SOILENT GREEN - Inevitable Collapse In The Presence Of Conviction

Soilent Green - Inevitable Collapse In The Presence Of Conviction

11 songs
41:29 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


It’s been three years since their last album Confrontation, but that’s not that much of a stretch for New Orleans extreme metalheads Soilent Green. At least this time they were spared by tragedy, only the second guitarist left, leaving Brian Patton in charge of all the six-string work which he masters excellently. Their change from Relapse to Metal Blade hasn’t really affected their sound, they are still as uncompromising as ever before. Where other bands became more streamlined, hoping thus to sell more albums, Soilent Green are still hard to categorise. The steampunk cover artwork should already be clue enough that this band doesn’t care for normality in their music. Basically they are a thrash metal band, but they spice it up with grindcore and Louisiana sludge elements that make them oscillate between truly fast metal and Southern pig rock, contrasting this often simple music with a progressivity that is unheard of.

Even the occasional acoustic guitars, like the intros to In The Same Breath and Lovesick, can’t really make you catch your breath. It’s hard to follow the songwriting logic of Brian Patton, yet the rhythm section parallels him with equally complex playing that unleashes the wildest and often most unexpected breaks upon humanity. Singer Ben Falgoust is an incarnation of evil, spewing his hatred filled vocals in a way as if life is truly not worth living anymore.

Where many bands stay to long in dreary sludge movements, or get lost in demanding yet ultimately same sounding speed excesses, Soilent Green jump pseudo-erratically from one extreme to the other, making it hard to remember their songs, but also preventing boredom from the start. The excellent production of Eric Rutan, of Hate Eternal fame, highlights the earthy tone of the music. Extreme metal fans will be hard driven to find anything better this summer.

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