SOLDIERS - End Of Days

Soldiers - End Of Days

13 songs
34:49 minutes
***** *


Soldiers are a New York based old school hardcore band with slight metalcore references. After the release of their debut EP Tombstone in 2006, End Of Days is the first full-length album for a rather angry five-piece.

The band writes compact songs which rarely are longer than two and a half minutes. The album contains everything you would expect from a solid hardcore album: strong guitar riffs, angry shouts, stomping rhythms, not too complex songwriting and some gang shouts during the choruses.

All these components can be found on various albums by Madball, Sick Of It All and Cro-Mags. These bands were already more than a decade ago, making me wonder what’s the point in copying these hardcore references, especially as they have already been copied hundreds of times before? I don’t come often across such an uninspired band as Soldiers. Even if not every song is sounding more or less the same, the album becomes quite repetitive in its second half. Even the appropriate production can’t help this record to become a milestone in its genre. Let’s hope that Soldiers will work more with their own ideas for the next album.

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