Song To The Siren - EP2

5 songs
39:34 minutes
***** ****


I like bands that don't lose time searching for a fancy album title. Danish indie rockers Song To The Siren just self-released their second EP (I guess you got that already from the title), and it's a shame that such a talented band will probably sell most of its CDs only in its native Denmark. Maybe when you read this review, the situation will change.

The first impression you get when listening to this record may not be too overwhelming, because STTS have a very peculiar approach to alternative music, citing Jeff Buckley, The Doors, Nick Cave, Led Zeppelin and Mogwai among their influences. How can this work? Basically they have a very retro approach to music, with Seventies sounding guitars that do a lot of inspired soloing, and a vocalist who at first reminds of Placebo, before you will find out that he makes his very own thing. His emotional rather high voice sounds like true suffering, and the cryptic lyrics draw parallel to Joan Of Arc on speed.

EP2 starts rather poppy, but the deeper you get into it, the more they take the easy-going stuff out, and mesmerise you with slower and more hypnotic movements, working especially well one the mellow distorted Sane/Insane and on the psychedelic, strangely titled GBU-43/B (is that a name of a galaxy or what?) that ends after seven minutes, followed by seven minutes of silence, before a (not that great) hidden bonus track ends the record.

The regular songs are very strong material, daring to combine retro rock and Nineties alternative sounds in a surprisingly original way. I suggest that every fan of modern alt rock sounds checks this band out. They may not yet fill the huge arenas, but you'll get a freshness that most established bands have already lost a long time ago on the road.

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