SONIC REIGN - Raw Dark Pure

Sonic Reign - Raw Dark Pure

8 songs
40:34 minutes
Metal Blade


Some time ago, Sonic Reign from Germany founded their own label in order to release their music as no label had been showing real interest. After the release of an EP (The Decline Portrait) and a full-length album (Raw Dark Pure), Metal Blade Records finally decided to re-release their debut which was first released in mid-2006.

The album title describes accurately the music. Their black metal is so old fashioned and produced in such a lo-fi way as if the album had been recorded over two decades ago. The opener Deceit Doctrine is an extremely fast song with rough vocals. Fucked Up But Glorious is another old school black metal track which would have benefited from a clearer production. As the situation doesn't improve on the third track, the album starts to annoy because of the rather primitive songwriting. The fourth track The Martyr Urge doesn't change much about the lack of variation, even if the spoken words part is so far the album's highlight. Finally the album reaches its zenith on track number five (Salt), sounding like a tribute to early Bathory. The last three songs are again ultra brutal black metal orgies with an insufficient number of breaks. Only The Martyr Urge is showing a slightly darker and epic approach that suits Sonic Reign better than going berserk. Generally I prefer old school black metal to the more trendy movement followed by Dimmu Borgir, Dark Tranquillity and Cradle Of Filth, but even their raw, unpolished sound has been done better by other bands, for instance Desaster with their Angelwhore CD.

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