SON OF AURELIUS - The Farthest Reaches

Son Of Aurelius - The Farthest Reaches

11 songs
36:24 minutes
***** ****
Good Fight


Californian band Son Of Aurelius has only been founded in 2009, and already one year later they can be mightily proud of their debut album The Farthest Reaches. Their mix of brutal death metal and melodic sounds knows to excite from the start.

At first I was afraid that I was in the presence of some more youngsters trying to eke out their interpretation of deathcore, but I was soon proven wrong. Already the opener Mercy For Today, for which they also made a video clip, shows that despite their hectic pace, there is still room for melodic solos. The vocals fittingly switch between growls and shrieks, which is certainly nothing new, but done well nonetheless. The drumming is also quite impressive and should be considered high-performance sport. The title track sounds even more complex, and it’s amazing how the band’s undiluted aggression can still fit in so many technical virtuoso parts. The music is very demanding, and it speaks for the musicians that they never lose the thread in their organised chaos. One reason for this may be that they always come straight to the point and never dwell too long within certain parts.

Son Of Aurelius have left a splendid impression on their first album, and one can only hope that the band will soon be listed among bands like Mastodon and Black Dahlia Murder who are some of their biggest influences. They certainly would deserve it!

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