Sons Of Alpha Centauri / Treasure Cat - Last Day Of Summer

11 songs
54:21 minutes
***** **


Earlier this year, British instrumental riff rockers teamed up with American desert rock band Yawning Man to release a collaborative album as Yawning Sons on Lexicon Devil Records. Before they come back with a new record next year, they decided to have another go at cooperating with an American band, this time Treasure Cat from West Virginia whose guitarist used to be in stoner rock legend Karma To Burn. The resulting Last Day Of Summer has been published by Underdogma Records.

Instead of doing everything together, this CD contains four songs from each band and three group efforts for which they chose to call themselves Alpha Cat. One thing’s for sure: on Last Day Of Summer, we get more sizzling, straightforward rock than on the more reflective Ceremony To The Sunset. The album starts with the Alpha Cat song The Flying Dutchman which offers dirty stoner rock with a brazen harmonica. Treasure Cat continue with Battle Of Britain which is purest stoner rock with an astonishingly melodic bass line. Sons Of Alpha Centauri’s Tribute To Harmonious isn’t actually sounding that different although it comes with a stronger psychedelic touch.

Things continue in that vein, as Sons Of Alpha Centauri’s hard-edged psych rock is contrasting nice with Treasure Cat’s high octane stoner rock, and the three collaborative tracks link their genres which after all are not that dissimilar to make Last Day Of Summer an incoherent listening experience.

It would be nice to hear Sons Of Alpha Centauri on one of their own albums, but until then, fans of stoner riff rock should get a good time out of this good if not groundbreaking album that offers a short hour of unrelenting instrumental guitar mayhem.

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