SOON - As Of Yet

Soon - As Of Yet

11 songs
51:33 minutes
***** ****


About five years ago, Soon played an incredible club show in Luxembourg and immediately managed to win me over with their first longplayer Please Accelerate. Under The Wire came two years later and undermined the previous good impression. The third strike, As Of Yet, took the Belgian indie rockers three whole years, which may be a long time in the fast acting music circus, but when quality even counts a little bit in this world, then Soon should be able to leave their mark.

Knowing that nowadays you need more than talent to affirm yourself, Soon opted for a gorgeously looking digipak with matching artwork that begs you to put the CD into your player. And you won’t be disappointed! The opener Black Cats is a terribly mature rock song that shows a band freed of its emo components, concentrating instead on engaging songwriting, backed by a production that shows up the band’s strengths: broad guitar walls, driving rhythm section and a vocalist who elevates every track to something special with his charismatic delivery. This is indie rock at its finest, never whiny, instead masterfully rocking and giving the guitars the weight they deserve in rock music.

The years of experience have paid off, As Of Yet has become something very special, emancipating them from the typical Belgian indie sound as has been cultivated by the likes of dEUS, Soulwax and Ghinzu. Not that these are bad references, but it’s still great to see that Soon are doing their very own thing, at times even surpassing my wildest expectations, as on Reverse Cinderella, a track that has everything to become a hit on rock radio stations. As Of Yet sees a matured band that has every chance to turn into a household name for intelligent, rocking indie music.

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