Sotajumala - Teloitus

8 songs
38:56 minutes
***** ***


With a cover artwork that looks anything but promising and lyrics all kept in Finnish, Sotajumala may not have an easy stand in countries that use Indo-European languages, but an open mind will soon discover that this death metal band that was founded a decade ago has more to offer than than most other extreme metal band. The fact that Teloitus entered the Suomi charts (at number 17!) cannot only be to the fact that they sing in their native language.

They have only released their second full length CD, but what a monster this has become! Sotajumala (Wargod, in English) play a mix between old school death metal and the more technical US East Coast school, and most of the time at quite an elevated pace. And if the very foreign language (my Finnish is stalling at the moment quite a bit) could be a hindrance for you, don’t worry, because Mynni Luukainen’s growls come from the deepest depths of a broken sewer system. The rhythm section makes for enough steam, while the guitar tandem of Kosti Orbinski and Pete Lapio alternately deliver droning rhythms with a discreet sense of melody and complex finger picking exercices.

Teloitus doesn’t reinvent the genre of technical death metal, but Sotajumala smartly walk the fine line between melodic death metal and progressive complexity, making this one of the best items in the genre of the more demanding extreme metal: accessible and intelligent at the same time. Fans of Cryptopsy, Nile, Cannibal Corpse and Dying Fetus will absolutely enjoy this regal feast. If the band decided to compromise their sound (English lyrics, more spectacular cover artwork), they certainly would have a high chance of also cracking the (Indo-)European market!

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