SOULBREACH - My Dividing Line

Soulbreach - My Dividing Line

11 songs
40:13 minutes
***** ****


What a fine debut album coming from Sweden! Unlike their geographical origins may suggest, Soulbreach are not one more melodic death metal band. Their album was produced by Pelle Saether, who also did Madder Mortem CDs, and mastered by Edge Of Sanity mastermind Dan Swanö. Both men did a tremendous job, and the album is living from its strong sound.

The opener A Figment Of Truth is a difficult to define combination of early Nineties thrash metal, some melodic death metal and even a few nu metal elements. The Haunted and In Flames are the first comparisons that come into my mind. Skin Deep shows Soulbreach from a much more complex and structured side while Cease To Be goes more into the direction of the current Slayer sound. Disjointed underlines the band’s strength for midtempo songs with harmonic guitar lines. But my absolute favourite track is Lash which reminds me of Holy Terror, the world’s most underrated speed metal band ever. I think that especially towards the end of the album, Soulbreach are more and more approaching a traditional thrash metal sound and giving less priority to death metal.

Soulbreach are a very promising newcomer band. The songwriting is quite mature and dynamic, the sound is more than adequate and the musicians seem to be quite enthusiastic. Everybody who likes thrash metal which was popular two decades ago wrapped in a modern and contemporary outfit has no excuse to avoid Soulbreach’s debut, a true killer album.

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