Souldrainer - Reborn

10 songs
46:26 minutes


Nearly ten years ago, Swedish band Souldrainer was founded, with the goal of combining death metal with string arrangements and church choirs, to add an extra dimension to their sound. It took them until now to get their debut recorded, and what may have been interesting at the time when they started is not so groundbreaking in the year 2007. In fact, Souldrainer play generic gothic death metal, with keyboard atmospheres, occasional female vocals and a general sense of “been there, done that”.

Reborn is at no time a bad album, but Souldrainer can try as hard as they want, they never achieve something new in the genre. The whole album is pervaded by a sense of boredom, and every song makes you think that other bands have done this before already sometime, and most of the time even more interesting. The songwriting is too simple, there are precious few (if any at all?) surprises, and once you have made your ordeal through the ten tracks, you can’t get rid of the feeling that this band has come at least ten years too late.

Fans of gothic death metal may still check this album out. It’s well enough produced, and apart from its predictability, it’s probably not even that bad if you like that kind of music, but those who have grown tired of the genre will most definitely not get their interest back with this album.

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