SOULEDGE - Exterminate The World

Souledge - Exterminate The World

11 songs
36:16 minutes
***** ***


Souledge is a five-piece from Columbia formed in 2001 in order to play pure and fast death metal without making any compromises. On their first full length CD, they show that they understand what fast and brutal means. The opener Minds Manipulation... Without Thoughts however starts with quite melodic guitar lines and you could think that Souledge were just another Swedish death metal product. Although some more songs on this record are a bit more than just inspired on North European myths, Souledge show on other tracks how merciless they can sound. Neurosis, The Blast and Under Flesh are just a few examples to show what brutality means. To avoid a certain death metal monotony, most songs have more to offer than the usual clichés. Some tracks contain ultra brutal thrash metal guitar riffs, reminding me of early Slayer. Violent Visions is a track with stronger hardcore inputs.

Although a lot of bands from South America lack the production quality of the more experienced recording studios, Souledge are a positive exception to that rule. This is why the obvious qualities many bands from that region display are even further emphasised by the strong production. Thrashers and Deathers should pay attention to this latin metal newcomer.

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