SOULTAMER - The Remedy Comes In Disguise

Soultamer - The Remedy Comes In Disguise

9 songs
42:28 minutes
***** ***
Rough Diamond


Their mean skinhead looks give a wrong impression about Soultamer. If you expect crude oi punk, you might be disappointed by their much softer and more harmonic music difficult to describe after a first listening.

The head behind Soultamer is Joost de Graaf, singer of the Dutch street punk band Discipline. The other band members have also been active in diverse Dutch punk and oi bands like Razorblade, Badlands and Squalor. The musicians didn’t want Soultamer to sound like their original bands so they decided to create something much more melodic.

The music on The Remedy Comes In Disguise is a bizarre mixture containing elements of rock, metal and punk. Music purists will certainly abhor their crossover sound, but in my opinion it’s quite innovative nowadays to create a sound that doesn’t immediately bring comparisons to your mind. The production isn’t too clean which probably was intentional. If you didn’t know that this is a new album, you would guess that it was from the early Nineties. The vocals are quite rough which fits well with the lo-fi production. The last track Demon’s Crusade is a ballad with country elements and the only song with Victor Nefkens on the microphone. My favourite songs are the more melodic ones, like the sentimental Through Solitary Eyes, the Social Distortion like Ruins Of The Legends and It Doesn’t Matter which contains some country elements too. Hard rocking tracks like Rough Diamond and Heart Of Stone are further highlights.

The Remedy Comes In Disguise is an unusual album that takes some time to get fully used to. But it’s worth the effort to get confronted to an adult and non trendy version of contemporary rock music.

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