The Sound Of Money - Throw Money!

10 songs
42:16 minutes
***** *
What's So Funny About...


It is well known that many bands always put the best song in the very beginning of the album, to create a lasting appeal and get the people to buy the CD. The Sound Of Money, a band consisting of Claudia Kaiser of Moulinettes fame and Albert Pöschl, do exactly that with the opener That's The Sound Of Money. It's definitely pop, but with such a disrespectful irony towards itself that it always creates a huge smile on my face every time I hear it. Like violin-saturated mid-Seventies Amon Düül II meeting the early goofiness of Slapp Happy, with a strong tendency towards cheesy proto-disco music, hiding a strong anticapitalist message. If that song were to be released as a single, you would just have to get it.

Unfortunately, the rest of the album doesn't work that well anymore. Three of the ten songs are coverversions, where The Stooges' 1969 works best: the raw punk energy of the original has been replaced with Eighties Atari computer sounds. Just An Illusion by Eighties disco band Illusion only adds stronger drums to the original, but apart from that it doesn't have the necessary ironic distance to make it interesting. Furthermore there is a remix of the Moulinettes' Rubik Cube. I don't know the original but it fits in well with the rest of the album, which is mostly non-descript pop music with a certain disco feeling. It's supposed to be ironic, of course, but the songwriting is most of the time too clinical to get the joke started.

Once you are beyond the superb opener, you are in for 9 round of well manufactured, but kind of sterile pop music that doesn't hurt to listen to, but I can imagine better albums than that.

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