SPACE MIRRORS - Memories Of The Future

Space Mirrors - Memories Of The Future

11 songs
74:03 minutes
***** **
Sleaszy Rider


With the world becoming more and more of a global village, it is always charming to meet bands like Space Mirrors, where the keyboarder comes from Russia, the guitarist from Australia. Helped out on their first album by Dutch prog celebrity Arjen Lucassen, they recently released their second album on a Greek label.

Space Mirrors is the project by Alisa Coral and Michael Blackman, and together with a couple of guest artists, they deliver 74 minutes of uncompromising space rock on Memories Of The Future. A short look at the tracklist reveals that they are huge Hawkwind fans, as they end the album with a medley of the lesser known Opa-Loka and Uncle Sam's On Mars, one of the more popular tunes from the space rock gods. First you have to listen through a moody intro and one hour of own compositions, and if you expect focused songwriting and catchy melodies, you can only be disappointed. Space Mirrors expect you to open your mind as they cruise through their sonic attacks that sometimes amount up to twelve minutes. Blackman's guitar playing is ok, but it's Ms Coral's hypnotic keyboards that make a winner of this album. Adhering to free form psychedelia like Acid Mothers Temple or the more experimental days of Julian Cope, Space Mirrors relentlessly fuck with your mind, delivering the music equivalent of a psilocybin voyage. The drums sound too synthetic for my taste, but as the emphasis is mostly on the exquisite synth sounds and the atmospheres, this doesn't really disturb too much.

Memories Of The Future doesn't have a famous guest musician like Arjen Lucassen on board, but it is good enough to live on its own merits. Space rock fans in love with sprawling improvised structures will love this album.

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