SPITALFIELD - Better Than Knowing Where You Are

Spitalfield - Better Than Knowing Where You Are

12 songs
38:25 minutes
***** ****


In the past, Spitalfield from Chicago could more or less convince me with their two CDs Remember Right Now and Stop Doing Bad Things. Although their emotional pop punk songs have always been well constructed, the global impression showed a slight lack of originality and I wondered how long Spitalfield could continue this riskless way which however made them sell over 100.000 copies so far.

Spitalfield probably asked themselves the same questions as their new output Better Than Knowing Where You Are differs quite a lot from their past works. After a short and unnecessary intro, the album continues with The Only Thing That Matters, a nice melodic pop punk song with very clean vocals. Their singer Mark Rose is one of the best indie singers and can be compared to Jim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World). I appreciate very much that his vocals are always clean and melodic without being wimpy. A real highlight on the record is the single Secret In Mirrors. Although it's a commercial track intended for radio airplay, I couldn't find another band for a comparison. But there are also moments when Spitalfield rock. Especially the title track and Curtain Call are songs of a style you didn't find on their earlier records.

The only track which I don't like so much is Lasting First Impression which just isn't catchy enough. But there are still ten tracks which are far above average and their commercial aspect doesn't disturb at all. Better Than Knowing Where You Are is not another copy of earlier recordings and thus the highlight in the still young career of Spitalfield.

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