SPLINN - Becoming Ourselves

Splinn - Becoming Ourselves

10 songs
43:35 minutes
M & O Music


Splinn is a French band playing contemporary rock music. Founded in 2007, they released a four track EP in 2009. This year it’s time for their debut longplayer Becoming Ourselves.

Despite having the one or the other highlight, I still have a hard time with the CD. Somehow I get the impression that they have missed the last train, considering how they perform the kind of music that was popular at the turn of the millennium. Comparisons to Bush, Silverchair and Incubus are in order, although the French band doesn’t achieve yet quite that level. I like to point out the numerous pace changes within song and the somewhat noisy guitar sound. This is unfortunately not enough to entertain for three quarters of an hour. My biggest complain are the whiny vocals that get on your nerves after some time. The two acoustic tracks excite me just as little as Extreme’s More Than Words way back in the past. Splinn are definitely at their best when they let it rock, as for instance on Euphoria.

This band still has a long way to go. This time I blame them for having acted too tamely. They probably hoped to achieve fame more quickly this way. But a little more punch doesn’t do any harm, and I am convinced that there can be expected more if they only dare to opt for a harder way in the future.

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