SPURV LÆRKE - On The Brink Of The Big Otter

Spurv Lærke - On The Brink Of The Big Otter

12 songs
42:40 minutes
***** ****


The unusual and hard to pronounce band name make more sense once you realise that they are from Denmark. They use the English language for their lyrics, and master this without any noticeably accent, preventing them to sound overly exotic. This is by no means meant to be a criticism, because Spurv Lærke play fantastically nonchalant indie pop carried by the charismatic voice of their singer Kristina Kristofferson.

The songs all come with a refreshing straightforwardness and are often elevated by sugary sweet choruses. As the electronic component isn’t neglected either, their music is predestined for laid back evening at your favourite club, especially since the beats are never to dominant. The female vocals are applied with an incredible amount of variety. Sometimes she comes across with a fragile frailty, but masters as well melancholy, confidence and even melodrama. Despite this vast panoply of moods, the band never loses its thread, making the listening experience considerably easier. The orchestration is also quite extravagant and adds to the usual rock instruments occasionally a glockenspiel or a string section. Comparisons to The Cardigans, The Fiery Furnaces, P.J. Harvey and Garbage arise, although only partially. Undisputed highlight is the rocking Unique with guitars not unlike early Nineties Sonic Youth. The radio friendly Tokyo Hits even has everything a successful hit song needs.

On The Brink Of The Big Otter has become a great album that combines alternative, pop and electronica in an amazing way. Every single song deserves to be discovered and analysed thoroughly. Spurv Lærke have everything it takes to becomes really big.

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